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oakland trans therapy
oakland trans therapy

East Bay Trans & Queer Counseling offers sliding scale services that include:

  • Individual Therapy centrally located in Berkeley, CA

  • Support through gender exploration and transition

  • Recommendation letters for hormones and surgery

  • Professional trainings for mental health providers, students, and employers

Sam Davis is a transgender, genderqueer Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in working with trans, queer, genderqueer, and gender-nonconforming teens and adults- though they are available to provide therapy to anyone. They have 16 years of experience as a mental health provider in the East Bay, including peer support group facilitation, community education at LGBTQI conferences, and 9 years of clinical practice and crisis counseling with severely marginalized people for the County of Alameda. They are also a researcher who's studied physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of sex, gender, and transition.

Sam is a strong and committed advocate with a long history of organizing on behalf of marginalized people. Their approach is non-pathologizing and values those identities outside of "the norm", whether cis or trans, queer or questioning, non-binary, agender, and/or asexual. They work from a humanist perspective, using empathy and kindness to recognize peoples' strengths and support them in dealing with systemic societal oppression.

Two locations in Berkeley, CA
Low-fee services available

My aim is to help empower clients to identify ways to develop a positive self-image, despite the negative media that surround us, and to create a new narrative of survival, self-love, and capability. We should not have to feel as though we are helpless victims, struggling under the burden of internalized shame about who we are. 

I work from a social justice framework, seeking to understand and validate the ways in which systemic societal oppression impacts each of us with our particular intersectional identities.

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