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For Parents, Guardians, or Caretakers of Trans Teens

For the parents and caregivers of gender-variant teens:  This is not a phase!

You have an especially vital role. You must be their greatest ally, and a source of both information and support. You love this young person, and want them to be happy, healthy, and safe. It is universally agreed among transgender and gender non-conforming folks that the support of adults, especially parents and caregivers, has deep and lasting positive effects on their hearts, minds, and bodies. This can be a frightening and terrible world, and teens are aware of some but not all the challenges they will have to face. Let them take the lead, and stand beside them every day.

Conversations with a knowledgeable, caring

and professional trans adult, especially a therapist trained to listen, can make

a lifetime of difference. Every teen should have a compassionate ear.

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