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For Teens

Counseling or therapy isn't about "fixing" something that's wrong with you, making you "better" because you're "sick". You are great, just as you are, and deserve to feel good about yourself. Counseling or therapy is about getting to know yourself, learning about who who you are and what you want, and sometimes venting or talking through sad or frustrating situations in your life.  

As far as gender and sexuality, if you are trans or questioning your gender, or have questions about sexuality, or just need to talk to someone about what your already know, a counselor or therapist is ideal for that. They have rules to protect your privacy, and a therapist who is trans and queer may have navigated a lot of the situations you're going through.

Trans youth and teens face real discrimination, but you are never alone. Even if you don't feel you have someone close to you to talk to, there are resources in addition to therapy.

• How do you decide whether or not to come out at school?

• How do you talk to your parents about wanting hormones or surgery?

• What will your friends think when you change your name and pronouns?

• How can you meet other trans and non-binary teens in person?

• What are your rights as a transgender student? 

• What do you want your body to look like?

• Do you want to "pass"?

• Do you have other questions?

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