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Services Offered

Individual Therapy

Gender Specialist Services

  • Telling new, more empowering stories that paint us as heroes rather than victims.

  • Learning to articulate and process trauma and internalized stigma.

  • Identifying self-destructive and self-defeating thoughts and behavior.

  • Facing the challenges of functioning powerfully, creatively, and with a sense of humor in a society that is not supportive of our authentic identities.

  • Developing effective coping skills to deal with these challenges in work, school, and in relationships.

"Gender Transition" means many different things to different people. Together, we can work on what that means, explore identities and language, discuss options, or simply help you reach a goal you've already decided on.

If desired, I can facilitate linkage with the most qualified surgeons and medical providers, and help you to access knowledgable, competent, and affirming transgender care.

I am experienced in writing recommendation letters for clients seeking to begin taking hormones or obtain gender affirming surgical treatment. 

I am happy to complete psychiatric evaluations and provide diagnoses of gender dysphoria as required by medical providers.

Recommendation letters for hormones and surgeries

A meaningful goal in therapy is coming to recognize one's own journey and struggles in an empowering light. I am here to support and validate you as you explore life experiences, gender identity, language, and options for transition, since you are the ultimate authority of your mind and body. I can also help you learn techniques to manage anxiety, depression, PTSD, and internalized negative beliefs that hold many of us back from realizing our full potential. 

Facilitating access to gender-affirming medical care

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