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Fee Schedule

Why Sliding-Scale? 

Counseling or therapy is not only about helping individuals, but about healing relationships & communities. My practice is dedicated to helping other trans folks see themselves with respect, dignity, & love. In service of this goal, my fee is sliding-scale, with clients being encouraged to pay what they can relative to their income and expenses. Being trans and queer is not "easy" anywhere, but in an area struck by increasing income inequality and a rising cost of living, our communities are disproportionately affected, and mental and emotional health suffers further. Lives are literally at risk, and I don't turn away clients simply because they cannot pay my full fee. Those who can, however, can do so knowing that they are contributing to the well-being of less financially-blessed folks in their community. We are here to help each other, and I believe each of my clients gives as much as they can. My standard fee is $230 for a 60-minute session, with clients expected to schedule weekly or bi-weekly appointments.  However, those that are struggling should communicate their situation without shame, so that we can negotiate a price that allows them to return to therapy as often as is beneficial- all treatment is a dialogue.

Located in Berkeley, CA

I offer sessions at two locations:  3099 Telegraph Ave and 2006 Dwight Way, Suite 103. Both offices are easy to reach by public transportation. Dwight is wheelchair accessible.

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